Developed in 1966, Ginger Cove is a private, 100-acre lake near HWY 275. Ginger Cove’s sandy lake bed is perfect for tubing, water skiing, jet skiing and kayaking. The clear waters of Ginger Cove are home to several varieties of whitefish, such as catfish and bluegill. Residents of Ginger Cove take comfort in living in a safe community; security patrols ensure lakeside safety and minimize property damage during peak seasons. For boaters’ convenience, the lake features a lakeside gas pump and concrete boat ramp. Ginger Cove is a friendly, tight-knit community of recreationists who share a love for lakeside living. Has a developer’s fee that varies from lot to lot.
Avg Home Cost: $450-750k
Lake size: 60 acres
Utilities: Public water & sewer