The Experienced Professional That You Can Trust

In today’s fast-paced and low inventory market you need a real estate agent with the resources, knowledge and dedication needed to help you achieve your goals.

Service Beyond the Sale

No matter what your residential real estate needs may be, I am the dedicated resource you need to successfully navigate today’s real estate market.

I am willing and available to work with you to handle your buying and selling transactions. As a native Nebraskan, Air Force Veteran and former Science teacher for OPS, I am well positioned to help you achieve your real estate objectives.  Call now!


Purchasing a home is a major life milestone that brings both excitement and anxiety with it. Like anything else in life, having a good advisor to lead you through the necessary steps will bring a sense of calm to the process. With time, care, good advice, and research, you can take control of the home-buying process.


At the simplest level, a real estate agent represents buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of “real property” (e.g., a house). When you were looking to buy, the agent you worked with probably spent most of his or her time showing you houses, which is probably why so many people think that’s what agents primarily do.