Big Sandy Lake is a unique, pristine 200-acre sand bottom lake with exceptional water quality. The average depth of the lake is 25 feet, with some areas measuring over 60 feet deep. The development has approximately 6 miles of shoreline including over 3 miles of unencumbered sandy beaches. Additionally, there are roughly 150 acres of common area. Only 5 miles from Ashland, Big Sandy Lake is easily accessible from Omaha and Lincoln. Big Sandy Lake has many weekend and summer residents from both cities in addition to its full-time residents. The property has 99 lakefront lots on a 550+ acre parcel. The average lot size is 140’x220’, or three-quarters of an acre. There are currently over 50 homes completed or under construction. Community infrastructure includes paved roads, community water, and sewer systems. Telephone/DSL service is provided by Windstream and OPPD provides electrical service.
Lot Cost: $200,000
Avg Home Cost: $650,000+
Lake size: 200 Acres
Utilities: Community water, sewer, OPPD power