Beaver Lake was established in the early 1970’s. The lake is approximately 300 acres and measures to depths of 50′. The lake is primarily surrounded by large Oak trees. This is a private lake where homeowners can enjoy boating, tubing, skiing, wake boarding, and a variety of fishing.

The community has approximately 1000 single family resident homes with empty lots still available to build. Most homes are full-time residents but there are a few that enjoy the lake on a part-time basis. The lake has a homeowner’s governing board that votes on a variety of issues for the well being of the residents. As an owner, there are association fees that contribute towards the general upkeep of the community.

There are many amenities around the lake which include; clubhouse, beach, pool, pavilion, campgrounds, lake access areas, golf, marina, and restaurants.

Lot Cost: $125,000
Avg Home Cost: $4000-650k
Utilities: Community Water, Sewer